A modular plant growing system which supports all plant propagation standards in the hydroponic and gardening industry. Now you can.   



The ModularT5™ is exactly the grow light you need, at precisely the moment when you need it.    


The ModularT5 support system is the ideal tool for seed starting and cloning. A successful garden is started indoors until the plants are strong enough to thrive on their own in an outdoor or hydroponic environment. The ModT5 is designed to support all growing industry standards. It performs these tasks, commonly known as propagation, with an efficiency and style that has never been seen in the growing industry.

A few of the ModT5's many benifits.

- It’s affordable.
- Fits all the industry standard accessories like T5 lights, grow trays and warming mats.
- Completely expandable as your needs change.
- Uses a tool-less design, so it’s easy to set up.
- Durable due to an all stainless steel construction.
- It's made in the USA.
- And last but not least; stylish.


Designed by Kristofer Laméy